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Re: Exim4 with a Goddady account

Finally, to close the loop on this, I found that daemon mail from
crontab was being sent to the smarthost.  I looked at /etc/mailname
which had been set to the value I'd entered into the debconf dialogs
early on.  It was a non-routable domain so the smarthost generated a
failure report back to me.  I changed the name in /etc/mailname to
"localhost" and now the daemon mail is properly delivered per the
/etc/aliases file and outgoing mail is sent to the smarthost.

My incoming mail is handled by Fetchmail from the POP3 server and
handed directly to Procmail for sorting into my Mutt mailboxes.

Exim4 is now working properly with the GoDaddy SMTP server.  Hopefuly
this will help someone else in the future.

- Nate


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