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Re: Re: Corrupt data - RAID sata_sil 3114 chip

2009/1/20 Aaron Greenspan <aarong@thinkcomputer.com>:
> Hello again,
> For the sake of context and in case it got lost in the shuffle, I wrote this
> post last night: http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2009/01/msg01928.html
> Now, after several days of troubleshooting involving ext3-fs errors,
> formatting problems, inexplicable read-only filesystem mounts, and
> unbelievably bad drivers, my final diagnosis is that basically any product
> based on the Silicon Image 3114 chipset isn't worth bothering with. I'm
> returning mine.

I have been reading this thread with interest.
I have a 4 port card based on the sil 3114 chipset. I have never used
the card as a raid card but only in JBOD mode with mdadm controlling
the raid for me. I'm using 2 Seagate 1TB drives in raid 1.

Haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary so far *Keeps fingers crossed*.


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