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Re: Corrupt data - RAID sata_sil 3114 chip

Aaron Greenspan wrote:
Therefore, I think it's safe to say that the Syba SD-SATA-4P and the corresponding Silicon Image 3114 chipset have a fairly narrow appeal: they work in 32-bit 5V PCI slots only, on consumer systems only, which are running only the following operating systems that I own: none.

I hope this helps someone... I just wish I knew of an inexpensive (under $50) and reliable PCI-to-SATA adapter so I could put some of my hard drives to use in these servers!


I have that chip. It is soldered to my motherboard, an ASUS AMD64 socket 939 machine. I consider it "old". I expect you are running up against obsolescence. For what it is worth, it worked in Windows XP SP2 with the ASUS supplied driver, but I only tried it as a SATA driver, not a RAID driver. When ASUS updated that board, they did away with that chip. That may tell you something.

I am using a US$499.99 Adaptec controller in my newest machine. I nearly bought the 3ware $899.99 card. I don't regret the Adaptec, and probably wouldn't regret the 3ware.

Mark Allums

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