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[locales] change date/time display format for german locale in lenny like it has been on etch

Hi list,

I recently noticed (took a while of head-scratching like "WTF? Something is 
very weird here, but what is it?") that after the upgrade from etch to lenny, 
the default display format for date/time when doing a "ls -al" for the german 
locale unfortunately changed from

etch: »31.12.2008 12:34« to
lenny: »13. Dez 12:34« and (IMO abdominable...!):
lenny: »13. Dez 2006« (for older entries)

Is there an easy way to get back my desired format as it has been on etch, 
preferably without the need to customize a locale file?

As a workaround, I changed LC_TIME to "en_US.UTF-8", as this provides me at 
least with an ISO-8601-conform format, but I'd prefer the numerical display 
for german like it has been on etch.


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