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Re: OpenOffice Calc

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 12:20:25 -0800, Raquel (raquel@thericehouse.net) wrote: 

> I've upgraded from Etch to Lenny.  Today I'm working on a spreadsheet
> and notice that when I copy a cell, to paste somewhere else, that
> there is a "border" put around the cell I copy.  I go into "Format
> Cells => Borders" to try getting rid of the "border" that has been
> placed around the cell.  The "border" does not go away.  To remove
> the "border" I must click on "Default Formatting" which, of course,
> removes the number formatting for that cell.  Then I must go back and
> replace the number formatting that I want for the cell I copied.
> Nothing else seems to undo (even "Undo") the "border" put around the
> copied cell.

Press the escape key?

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