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Re: Labeling backup DVD+RW's

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Mike McCarty wrote:
> Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
>> Chris Jones wrote:
>>> Is there an altogether better/smarter/reliabl-er solution?
>> IMHO, the smartest, fastest, most reliable and cheapest solution is to
>> use external hard disks like usb-disks. You could reuse the same disk
>> for more or less unlimited rw-cycles for an average lifetime of at least
>> around 3 years (probably much longer, since it is not in permanent use).
>> By the time it dies it has quite certain been much cheaper and
>> environment friendly than all those dvd-rws plus the burner. Current
>> hard disks have capacities of more than hundreds of DVD's.
> This is also much more expensive, if one is doing real backups.


> A real backup (as opposed to simply a second copy nearby) is
> stored off site. So, one would need to rotate external discs
> for this to be a viable backup means. Usually one uses at
> least three copies, so one would need three external drives
> which one rotated.

Two are enough for rotation (the third is the drive of the computer). I
still bet that 2 times 100 € for 2 times 500 GB of usb disks is cheaper
in the long run than a burner plus all those DVDs. On top of that you'll
save many hours of your and your computer's (up)time.

Of course it depends on your level of paranoia of how many copies of
your data you consider 'save enough for your needs'. However, for the
same level of paranoia, the number of copies required on hard disk is
far less than on optical media.

It also depends on the amount of data to be backed up.


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