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Re: Question about LVM and volume images on loop

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009, Paul E Condon wrote:

> I want to allocate several large blank files on HD,
> and make them into virtual hard disk which I mount
> using loop.
> I then want to treat them as 'physical volumes' under
> LVM, and collect them into a single volume group.
> Then, I intend to define a few larger logical volumes
> on this 'volume group'. I do this because I want to
> store large files on a HD whose hardware interface
> limits file sizes to 4Gb, and I want to store larger
> files than 4Gb. ( The HD has 500Gb total capacity.)

Maybe I'm missing something here, but how is the hardware interface
stopping you from writing files larger than 4G?  That's just something I
haven't ran into.  How is the drive formatted now?  Can't you just format
the drive with ext3 or something else that supports large files? I don't
think that LVM is going to solve your problem here though.


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