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Re: Question: Power Button Shutdown

On 01/12/09 13:45, Chris wrote:

I found a description on how to to shut down my system after pushing the power button (below). I need this for a headless system. The system is running Debian-Lenny, and it used to work before a dist-upgrade quite a while back. I only found out it was working by accident, because it does not seem to work on other Debian machines I have.

I was just wondering if this is set up normally on a Debian install, and if yes what may have stopped it from working. If all else fails I'll try the method described below, but I'd rather just fix what was working before.




From now on, pressing the power button (lightly, not for a few seconds) should properly shutdown the system. Note that if you have hibernate configured and working you may want to change the last line with:

What is your BIOS power button configuration? (Mine is "immediate shutdown", probably because I think that Power means *power*, not *hibernate*.)

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