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Re: howto make root emacs open in X

Axel Freyn <axel-freyn@gmx.de> writes:

> Why do you use ssh to connect to the local machine? I would propose to

To make use of the ssh-agent and circumvent typing the password every
time I want a root shell.

I have in .inputrc

  "\M-s": "ssh root@localhost"

So by typing alt-s I get a shell cmd that when executed thru ssh-agent
launches an ssh terminal for root with no passwd interplay.

But even better I have xbindkeys set to launch an xterm with
 "xterm -e ssh root@localhost"
     ctrl+shift + 1
So pressing `Ctrl+shift + 1' invokes an instant root shell already
logged in and with full login environment.

I have no security worries for the desktop as this is a home machine.

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