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Re: Corrupt data - RAID sata_sil 3114 chip

I hope the problem is solved!

Make sure you do not run dmraid and mdadm !
So, if you have truble mdadm RAID, check you do not run dmraid !

I found this.


They is now like this

I also make this just before mdadm_raid start to set the "15" block write.
/etc/init.d/sata_sil_slowdown just to make it a bit safer.
chmod 0644 /sys/modules/sata_sil/parameters/slow_down
echo 1 > /sys/modules/sata_sil/parameters/slow_down
chmod 0444 /sys/modules/sata_sil/parameters/slow_down
exit 0

I have now, during I write this, run a testcopy for 29hrs, still running copytest without errors. Before it shuld got in ro-mode. :-)


I need some support for this soft-raid system.

I am running it as RAID5 with 4 samsung spinpoint 500G SATA300 tot 1.3T byte

And it runs in http://sm7jqb.dnsalias.com
I use mdadm sytem in a Debian Linux
CPU 1.2Mhz 1G memory ( my older 433Mhz / 512M dont work at all )

I have 'some courrupt' data. And I don't understand whay and how to fix it.
Mybee slow it down more, but how slow it down?

Any with experents from this cheep way of RAID systems.

Ask for more information and I can get it, logs, setup files and what you want
to know.


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