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Re: Debian AMD64

On Friday 2009 January 09 18:16:43 Ron Johnson wrote:
>On 01/09/09 17:23, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 02:29:19PM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> Even if watching a movie, a good video driver will shuffle as much as
>>> possible to the GPU, reducing the *effective* benefit.

While that are certainly old now, my 7800 GTXes weren't when I bought them and 
there still isn't any measurable offloading (of video 
en-/de-/re-/trans-coding) to them.  You can tell you aren't using mesa-glx 
though. :)

>> That's regardless of the CPU you use.
>> There's still much transcoding involved. Does the video card transcode
>> audio?
>I've never seen movie audio transcoding use 100% CPU.

Maybe it wasn't just the audio, but I've definitely had 1080p/x264/5.1/mkv 
files crush my CPU.

Ron is right though.  Unless you have a specific application that is 100%-ing 
your CPU, you probably aren't going to experience a measurable speed-up when 
moving to 64-bits.  In fact, you might be better off using a 64-bit kernel 
and 32-bit userland since the kernel can save values in the extra registers 
for the inevitable return from userspace.
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