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Re: my new Inspiron - WAS: OT: laptop recomendations

Koh Choon Lin wrote:
>>> OT: I am looking for a three button mouse but I do not seems to find
>>> one wheel-less. Anyone has an idea?
>> I do not recall _ever_ seeing a USB three-button mouse without a wheel.
> I am currently using such a mouse from Sun. Too bad its failing and I
> hope to get a replacement soon.
> http://www.actionpc.com/ebay_tools/hotlink/imgproc.php?pic=/home/actionpc/public_html/ebaypix/sunusbmnkb-01.jpg

Oh I hated those mice! Mostly because they don't have a scroll wheel;
you get spoiled to a scroll wheel really fast.

(You also get spoiled to the two-finger scrolling on a track-pad fast
too. I love it on my Debian lappy and on my Macbook; I get so frustrated
when I sit down at a Windows laptop and don't have that feature.)

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