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Re: Debian menu in K menu

On Monday 2009 January 05 15:06:16 André Neves wrote:
> I'd like to know why is there a Debian menu inside the main K menu and
> why are there so many applications "hidden" in there, even though in
> many cases there exist other suitable, more direct places for them in
> the first level of the menu.

The Debian "menu" system predates the standardization of .desktop files and 
their location, and its accessible outside of X.  It had its 1.0 release in 
1997, the year before the KDE 1.0 release.  What you see under the K menu is 
just one of the hooks into the Debian "menu" system.

While installing .desktop files to the correct place(s) is good, installing a 
correct menu file is better.  IMHO, the toplevel "Debian" menu is "noise" and 
should be deleted with it's contents moving to toplevel in the K menu.
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