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Re: FQDN vs. domain in /etc/hosts

Stefan Schmidt <stefan.schmidt@gmx.net> wrote:
> in my understanding the /etc/hosts file should contain an entry with the
> FQDN of the host.

> hostname.domain.tld hostname

Yes, that's right.

> I would for simplicity prefer to use a domain name instead of a FQDN.
> domain.tld hostname


> So both addresses are unambiguous. For what reason now would I need a
> FQDN? Why wouldn't a domain name suffice?

Typically, I see it that a domain refers to an entity, whereas a FQDN refers to a host or service within that entity. For your purposes the following sdhould be sufficient:	localhost	hostname.domain.tld hostname domain.tld

When resolving from name to IP, the first match will succeed. When
resolving from IP to name, the leftmost entry on the first line will be
considered the canonical name (hostname.domain.tld in this case).


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