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Re: apt-get cannot conect to server

On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 08:48:01PM +0200, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Sun,04.Jan.09, 22:23:08, Stephen Liu wrote:
> > I think the cause of problem is on;
> > ftp.au.debian.org
> Good to hear that you found the problem,

quite possibly the problem was NOT correctly understood. Given that

ftp.au.debian.org       CNAME   mirror.linux.org.au

and that

mirror.linux.org.au     A
mirror.linux.org.au     AAAA    2001:388:1034:2900:0:0:0:25

and that apt-get was connecting to a wrong ipv4 IP, this seems _exactly_
the same thing as the problem cited in


section "ftp.it.debian.org non è" (in italian, but it has
links in english such as
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=435646 )

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