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Re: OT: laptop recomendations

On 2009-01-04 07:15:28 -0500, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> my Dell XPS laptop is over 3 years old. I travel with it all the
> time.. in.. out of the case, through airport security, rental cars,
> hotels... I busted the "V" key last year, replaced the keyboard
> myself. I didn't understand the ordering thingie and ended up with a
> French keybord. The "\" isn't written on the right key,but I know
> it's there, and it has the British pound symbol, not "#" above the
> 3.

If this is a QWERTY keyboard, then this is a British keyboard, not
a French keyboard. French (AZERTY) keyboards are awful to use when
programming or working with the shell, since [ ] { } and \ need the
AltGr key.

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