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Re: Corrupt data - RAID sata_sil 3114 chip

Bengt Samuelsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I need some support for this soft-raid system.
> I am running it as RAID5 with 4 samsung spinpoint 500G SATA300 tot 1.3T
> byte
> And it runs in http://sm7jqb.dnsalias.com
> I use mdadm sytem in a Debian Linux
> CPU 1.2Mhz 1G memory ( my older 433Mhz / 512M dont work at all )
> I have 'some courrupt' data. And I don't understand whay and how to fix it.
> Mybee slow it down more, but how slow it down?
> Any with experents from this cheep way of RAID systems.
> Ask for more information and I can get it, logs, setup files and what
> you want
> to know.

For what it's worth...

I have a pair of 500GB Maxtor disks using software RAID on my Lenny server with
a sil3114 PCI board. I've not had any trouble with them, (though after all this
I might do some more tests!) Probably helps that the machine is a dinosaur and
is so slow CPU-wise that nothing comes anywhere near any dodgy tolerances.

I bought both disks at once though, and knowing that's a bad idea (but curse
special offers!), when I bought another one months later, I swapped out one of
them for the new drive and put the old drive in my XP PC, also with a sil3114
PCI board.

Here's where it gets interesting...I'm suffering similar corruption to that
mentioned previously in this thread (I reiterate, this is apparently identical
behaviour between the Linux issues and my XP issues) - under load the FS is
corrupted. I've been struggling for days to populate the disk with about 100GB
of data and it'll run fine for an hour or two then something pretty much always
gets corrupted. At one point it got so bad chkdsk would just segfault every
time. I had to format to fix it! I've tried smartctl for win32 and it says the
drive is fine. Everything is well within tolerances for a 6 month old drive
that's been used in a server.

I explicitly chose the sil3114 boards as I was of the impression that Silicon
Image chipsets were good with Linux. Shame they're not good overall it would seem :(

Who can I buy? I first got burned with Initio's utter tosh (So bad that I have
to use it under Linux (thanks to Mr Heo!) as the Windows drivers time out and/or
corrupt!), and now seemingly Silicon Image...

- Jamie

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