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Re: Konqueror KDE 4, swf

On 01/03/09 16:42, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:

how do I play embedded swf on website such as Youtube. It seems the
only viable solution is using Iceweasel.

I believe so. Just use iceweasel for it. Half the websites that I use
frequently, don't work on konqueror. So I shifted to iceweasel long time
back. That and adblock make iceweasel indispensable.

Don't forget Flashblock! Very helpful in "taming" pages that are chock full of ads that slip by ABP, and also for when you open many YouTube pages/tabs.

PS:- I am using stable. Things might have changed if you are using Sid.


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