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Re: Hibernate - Is it safe?

Dean Chester wrote:

> Hi,
> At the moment i seem to be putting my laptop in to hibernate and then
> when i start it up again i boot in to vista. So i ask is it save to
> keep doing this?
> Dean

I am having my share of problems with the hibernate feature in Lenny.

If I shutdown the laptop (Dell Inspiron E1505) from a clean reboot using

sudo shutdown -h now

Then it shuts down properly.

However if I

hibernate -> reboot -> shutdown

then the shutdown process hangs indefinitely. The hard drive LED keep
glowing. Now the only way to switch it off is to press the "POWER" button
and risk loosing the data.

I Never had the time to debug the issue. So, I left it in one of my "to-do"
lists. For now, I am not using the hibernate feature. May be when Lenny is
released, I will give it a try.

As usual, YMMV

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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