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Re: does debian have other utilities similar to multicd ??

Michael Habashy wrote:
I am looking for a debian/linux utility similar to multicd.
I need a utility to backup big directories to dvd.
The directories are quite big and i need the utility to figure out how to put files on multiple dvds.

Mondo does that without any trouble.
It splits the dir. into DVD sizes and calls for the DVD's to be inserted on mondorestore.

I just did it with my mp3's:

mondoarchive -O -r -d /dev/hdd -0 -S -T /hda10/ -I "/hdb7/mp3 /hdb7/mp3_buiten_de_dijk" -s 4380m -l GRUB -f /dev/hda -g

hugo@debian:/usr/bin$ du -h /hdb7/mp3_buiten_de_dijk
3.3G    /hdb7/mp3_buiten_de_dijk
hugo@debian:/usr/bin$ du -h /hdb7/mp3
915M    /hdb7/mp3

7 RW DVD's


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