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Re: How to connect a Host to tunnel (so you can connect to foo.example.net instead of localhost:port)

Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 11:20:28AM +0200, Jabka Atu wrote:
>> Howdy ,
>> I used to ssh tunnel's to overcome NAT problems and just for fun.
>> One of the thins is to do ssh -L portonmypc:NATip:NATport
>> user@sshServerInFrontofNat
>> This will bring the abiulty to use most of things.
>> The question is there a way to connect this kind of tunnel to fakeip ?
>> for example something in type of :
>> /etc/hosts
>> ip:port natedpc.somedomain natedpc
>> so you can use your laptop (pc ) without further edittions.
>> what i mean is that if i used (
>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH_VPN ) type i would need to set it
>> on two or more pc the tun devices , but i wish to do all the settings on
>> one pc.
> I'm not sure I understand what it is the problem you're trying to solve.
> If you want a permanent tunnel and one of the parties has a permanent 
> name, I'd go for openvpn instead.
Ok ,
I wish to connect to NATed application without altering the clients:
the only tool i can use is ssh (this is the only server side application
that i can use);
I can't use tun on the server (AFIAK).

for example let say that i have a dns server on a private net ( and i have the www ip (firewall)
and i wish to use this dns  i understand that it should be done using tun.
next i could create a new route using tun (or anything like it) to :
tun0 will has an aceptable ip or any other way it can work inside the
other private net.
so if tun0 is the tunnel :
# route add -host  dev tun0
so i would add nameserver

and could search in the dns.

next i wish to use  build server (that has ssh )
so simple route :
# route add -host  dev tun0

etc ...

by this i can work without any extra settings on the servers.

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