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Re: OT: laptop recomendations

Andrei Popescu:
> I have an R61 Thinkpad bought new last July. Before that I had an A21p 
> and R50e (both IBMs, second hand). The R50e I gave to my mother and she 
> is very happy about it. IMO ThinkPads are not very stylish, but they are 
> very sturdy. Some models have Suse pre-installed.

I bought a Thinkpad X200 the week before christmas and I must say I am
quite satisfied. The build quality is what I expected after seeing (not
owning) older models. I got a three year warranty which has become quite
seldom, at least here in Germany.

And linux support is great, too. I had to follow some advice from
thinkwiki.org to get suspend-to-ram and the trackpoint running, but
since this model is still quite young I think that's ok. The video
driver is only available in experimental right now, but that's due to
Debian's current release state.

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