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Re: ALSA Config

On Friday 02 January 2009 16:36, Dean Chester wrote:
> Hi,
> Everytime i boot in to debian(sid im running on a vostro 1400) i have
> to run alsaconfg. Is there anyway i can get rid of having to do this
> as it annoying.
> Dean

Hi Dean.

Would you post the output of, cat /proc/asound/cards , for before you run 
alsaconf, and after, when the sound is working.

Also the output of, lsmod | grep snd

Some drivers are notorious for grabbing card0, before your sound card which 
uses card0 has a chance. snd-bt87x is one, and also if you have anything 
plugged into the USB that uses audio (webcam mike, USB headset, usb midi 
keyboard (like me)), you can find that snd-usb-audio has grabbed card0, as 
the USB starts early in the bootup.

Post back the requested info first, but if the above is the case, the fix is 
simple by setting index options lines in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.

All the best.


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