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Re: hard crash on leap second

Paul E Condon writes:
> You and I appear to be the only people posting to this thread who use
> chrony.  I run it just the way you set it up in the package. (except that
> I'm always connected to the Internet, and edited out the 'offline' from
> the server spec.s) Because of this long thread, and especially because of
> reported crashes, I looked at my chrony logs.

> I saw nothing remarkable, except that there was no evidence of a one
> second leap.

Chrony does not currently support leap seconds [1].  When the leap occurred
it lost synch, chose a different server, and then pulled back in.

> For me its important that my clock run smoothly, and that my software not
> crash when it discovers a discrepancy between two clocks at widely
> separated locations.

Have you looked at the version in Experimental with the real-time
enhancements?  They should reduce latency variation but I don't have a way
to test that.

> And, the idea of leap seconds is something of an intellectual
> abomination, anyway.

Leap seconds should be kept in a file somewhere and appled when formatting
time for display like DST rules.  They don't belong in the timestream.

[1] A reasonable-looking patch to add leap second support was posted to the
development list yesterday but I did not have time enough to apply and test
John Hasler

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