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Re: memory problem

On 2008-12-31 17:22:55 -0800, Ken Teague wrote:
> Ouch.  That has to be the poorest answer I've ever seen from a Debian
> developer... ever.  In bugs I've submitted and seen submitted, the
> developer would either take the issue up with upstream or fix the
> problem themselves.  I think it isn't right for a Debian developer to
> suggest a package from experimental to be installed on a stable box to
> solve a problem with a package from stable.

For users running unstable, this isn't much a problem (for something
that isn't a library): the dependencies are often already in unstable,
installing such a package won't probably trash the system, and it is
easy to downgrade to unstable. However, IIRC, not all architectures
are supported, and my machine here is PowerPC-based.

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