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Re: memory problem

On 2008-12-31 16:48:59 +0100, Javier Barroso wrote:
> Read http://support.mozilla.com/es/kb/High+memory+usage for memory
> tips in firefox/iceweasel.

Thanks! FYI, the only plugin I use is the Flash plugin (provided
by mozilla-plugin-gnash since this is a PowerPC machine).

I've also looked at "about:cache" (I didn't know that). It says:

Memory cache device

Number of entries:	540
Maximum storage size: 	9216 KiB
Storage in use: 	32633 KiB
Inactive storage: 	0 KiB

I don't understand why Storage in use > Maximum storage size!
Note that I did *not* change the configuration since I started

Also I'm seeing this problem:

  Firefox's memory usage may increase if it's left open for long
  periods of time. A workaround for this is to periodically restart

This is a bit annoying.

Also this doesn't explain why Firefox periodically (every few seconds)
uses CPU time. I've noticed the same problem under Mac OS X, so that
this isn't specific to the OS.

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