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Re: Xming usage

2008/12/28 Engi Zoltán <zolilevlistak@gmail.com>:
> The next problem is the speed. It is very slow, almost non usable. Is it
> normally?

Depends on the speeds of the X client machine, the X server machine,
the connection between them, and the amount of data being transferred
(so using gvim to edit a small text file will be more responsive than
using gimp to edit a huge image, for instance).

I'm afraid I don't have any measurements of my own systems that would
be helpful for you to benchmark against, sorry :(

> I use it via internet. The upload speed of server 0,5Mbit.

Try using a light application to edit a small file and see if that's
responsive. If not, maybe something is wrong. Otherwise, you're
probably just pushing one of the systems involved (X client, server,
or connection) a little harder than it can easily cope with.

Good luck.

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