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[trivial q] how to tell installed version

Sorry to butt in here with no lurking... I just created a vmware app
with debian.. I used the small install CD so a networked install.

I expected to be installing lenny but find really old tools
installed.   Which makes me think I installed something older.

kernel is 2.6.18
`apt-cache search emacs' shows the newest emacs to be emacs-21

I chose the fpt.urwg.indiana.edu mirror.

Which I see now from my sources list is set to `etch'

What is my best recourse to update to `lenny'?

I've only just installed the bare essentials.. would it be wise to
wipe the partition and start over?  Or better to update through
aptitude or some other tool?

If I did start over, how would I direct the install to proceed from
the install cd to `lenny'?

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