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Re: About Release-critial bugs page

On Thu,25.Dec.08, 11:07:39, Marc Shapiro wrote:

> What does this really mean?  Obviously, Etch *has* been released.  
> Apparently it has many release critical bugs.  Are these bugs that 
> have been found since Etch's release that would have been considered 
> release critical if they had been found before its release?  If so, 
> why have they not been corrected?  The number just keeps on going up.

The fact that Etch has been released does not mean that bugs don't exist 
in it. They just weren't known at the time of release (some are actually 
found in Lenny or Sid, but they have been there since Etch). Also they 
are not corrected because stable receives only security updates and from 
time to time (via point releases) corrections for some very nasty bugs.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
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