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[OT] bouncing list spam via Gmail's and other smarthosts


I zealously bounce listspam to report-listspam@lists.debian.org.
Recently, the listmaster notified me that he was getting the impression
from the bounced spam that *I* was the spammer.  We discussed the
problem, and it turns out that the issue is that Gmail's SMTP server
rewrites message-from headers, so a spam message with this message-from:

From: "Evil Spammer" <pwned@botnet.com>

will end up in the spam mailbox looking like this:

From: "Evil Spammer <user@gmail.com>

[Some free smarthosts simply refuse to accept mail unless the
message-from is set to the user's account name, but Gmail accepts it
and rewrites it.]

The listmaster told me not to bounce mail under such circumstances.

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