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Re: [OT]I just got a phish call!!!

Ron Johnson wrote:
> An automated voice told me that my (non-existant, of course) 
> Jefferson Parish[0] Credit Union Visa card has been blocked.
> I immediately hung up on it, of course, and am slightly unnerved 
> that "they" are now calling people at home with  personalized scams.
> [0] Which is the county I live in

Here in Brazil phising calls are quite common, but not this kind. There
was (or is, but I think it's not really common anymore) that goes
"You've just won <some big prize>. To claim your prize, stay on the
line, and buy $ XXX in pre-paid cellphone credits and give us the
activation numbers." WTF? (And yes, people fell for that.)

The most popular kind, however, is which the criminals call some random
person simulating a kidnapping -- generally they say the target's son
has been kidnapped and is being held hostage, and ask for money while
trying to keep the person busy so that he does not call the alleged
victim to discover they are safe and sound. And many, many people fall
for that, even after it has been widely covered in the news.

Love is what you've been through with somebody.
		-- James Thurber


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