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Re: [OT] Server for Debian + MySQL

On Wednesday 2008 December 17 15:11:39 Chris Bannister wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 02:33:30PM -0600, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > "to noun" v. 1. To use a word as a noun rather than its standard
> > grammatical role.  Most often applied to verbs and adjectives.  When a
> > word is used this way, the implied meaning is "someone or something
> > filling the role of or having the quality of".
> Is that in the dictionary? Wow!

No, no, no.  Sorry, I didn't even mean to *imply* that.  I was trying to 
define it based on my usage.  Again, sorry.

> > "to verb" v. 1. To use a word as a verb rather than its standard
> > grammatical role.  Most ofthen applied to nouns.  When a word is use this
> > way, the impled means is "to act or exist in a manner that evokes
> > comparisons to".
> >
> > *Very* colloquial, particularly "to noun" which I haven't seen in media,
> > yet.  "to verb" has certainly been used on TV, and may have made it into
> > print media by now.

And I did mean *both* are *very* colloquial.

> Oddly enough, I've found the media to be among the worst offenders, esp.
> postings on the Internet by so called MSM Journalists.

By media, I don't mean the lazyweb.  I mean professional news on national TV 
or any national print media.
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