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Re: How to append a simple text presentation at the beginning of a video file?

Rodolfo Medina a écrit :
> My apologizes to the listers for coming back to the same question I put in
> another thread, but I couldn't really solve the problem.
> I didn't get good results with Kino nor with the `cat' command.
> If anyone experienced directly that matter, his/her help's very welcome.
> Thanks
> Rodolfo
Hi, I can see several solutions to your problem, you could use gimp to
create images with text on it, choose a background color, make sure the
size of the image is the same as the size of the video you want to use
it in. Save the image in jpg, png, tiff, as you like. Open Cinelerra,
load your video, put the cursor at the beginning of it, and open the
"load files" dialog, choose your images then choose the "paste at
insertion point" insertion strategy. Your images will last only 1 frame,
so decrease the time line scale until you see them individually, and
increase the duration of each as needed (just drag the cursor from the
edge of the image to the desired duration). Of course you can add
effects, transitions, audio...

Instead of working on your video, you may be better of creating a new
project in Cinelerra (same size and frame rate than the final video),
putting your images in, then rendering only this. You'll be able later
on to insert it in the main video, or concatenate it while adding some
overlap, transition effects...

If what you need is just a "title like" piece of text, just load your
video and choose the "title" effect, write your text, choose the
rendering (color, fading, font, drop down shadow...) and the duration.
Repeat if needed with another piece of text. If you don't want the text
to appear on top of the video, just add some blank frames at the
beginning and apply the title effect to this part.

You can achieve the same by loading previously created still images with
text in Kdenlive, it will do the exact same job, the ergonomic is a bit
different from Cinelerra, maybe easier at first, and it can export to
many format or even directly to dvd.

FWIW, i'm using it almost daily, and it just works, with some bumps
because Cinelerra and Kdenlive are known to get pretty buggy from time
to time, but they seem to be in good shape right now... The harder is to
get a grip on the programs gui.

Hope it can help,


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