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Re: expand /var, decrease /home space

steve <sfreilly@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> is there no fairly straightforward way to expand /var and decrease
> /home?

Only if you're running LVM (and even then it's not as straightforward
as I'd like). Otherwise it's a real PITA.

> for some reason when I installed etch quite a while ago in my
> fairly successful attempt at running a webserver it made /var only 2.8
> gig and made /home 280 something gig.

> now I want /var to be say 200 gig, and /home alot smaller..... for
> obvious reasons.

It's not obvious, but I'm going to guess you have your web server (and
maybe its log files) on /var and that's what's eating the space.

When I configure up apache I tend to set it to use vhosts under
/home/www. So I have /home/www/_default_/ (which is really a placeholder
for a vhost that does a redirect to http://www.roaima.co.uk/),
/home/www/www.roaima.co.uk/, /home/www/mail.roaima.co.uk/ and so
on. Further, within each vhost directory I have docroot and logs.

Appropriate Docroot and Log entries in /etc/apache/sites-enabled/*
complete the picture, and it leaves /var/www pretty much untouched. (I
use Alias directives to link back into /var/www/* as and when necessary.)

Hope that helps,

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