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Re: Netwoking question

On 12/04/08 20:39, Brad Hedspeth wrote:
I have just installed debian Etch 4.0r5 on a Dell pc on its own hard drive. The Dell system has been running Windows XP since it was purchased 4 years ago. I also have Ubuntu 4.10 sharing the Windows XP drive as my 1^st linux install. Both Ubuntu and XP are functioning on a home network. I have incorrectly set up the network info during the debian install. I have modified the /etc/route.conf and the /etc/resolv.conf files with what I believe is correct routing info. I am not sure of the /etc/hosts file. I need to break this problem down into little pieces to avoid major frustration. Any help would be appreciated.

Not a whole lot of specifics in your email,

Is resolvconf installed?  If not, it should be.

What does your /etc/network/interfaces file look like? For example, here's mine:

### BEGIN ###
$ grep -v \# /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet static
        dns-search homelan

auto eth0
### END ###

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