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Benchmark tools


I found the following benchmark tools, but none is for CPU benchmark. Can 
you suggest some good CPU benchmark tools please? (good=simple, not 
something that download lots of files off internet and compile gcc/apache)

Also, which of the following benchmark tools do you recommend for simple 
disk throughput / performance benchmark?


bonnie++ - Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suite.
dbench - The dbench (disk) and tbench (TCP) benchmarks
libbenchmark-ocaml-dev - OCaml benchmarking library
libenchant-dev - a wrapper library for various spell checker engines 
libenchant1c2a - a wrapper library for various spell checker engines
php-benchmark - Framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
postal - SMTP benchmark - the mad postman.
postmark - File system benchmark from NetApp
siege - Http regression testing and benchmarking utility
tiobench - Threaded I/O bench for Linux
xengine - A benchmark program for the X Window System.
netperf - Network performance benchmark
pipebench - Measures the speed of stdin/stdout communication
svn-workbench - A Workbench for Subversion
lmbench - Utilities to benchmark UNIX systems
lmbench-doc - Documentation for the lmbench benchmark suite

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