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Customizable web based GUI for Debian server and daemon administration?

I'm asking the list 'cause I don't know what exactly to Google for, so...

Are there any tools that let one build a custom web based (GUI?) page that would let users control and configure a small Debian based server?

I'm looking to put something together that would let a non-techie user configure music player daemon configuration options from a web page; much like users configure a simple SOHO router. I need something that could configure MPD as well as NFS or other network attached server partitions.

Specifically, I have friends who are very interested in my custom music server: ALIX single board computer, Debian based Voyage Linux, MPD, and USB audio output; all running from compact flash. They don't know a thing about ssh or using text editors for configuration, so I'm trying to figure out the easiest way for them to configure their system. As a long time Monowall user, the web based approach first came to mind.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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