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Re: Desktop becomes unresponsive during large file access

On 2008/12/2, Ron wrote:
> On 12/02/08 04:36, Slim Joe wrote:


>> When executing commands or programs  on large files (> 100 MB),
>> the system becomes unresponsive.


>> I suspect this is either a scheduling problem or a module conflict.
>> Is there some kernel magic or option I need to disable or enable to
>> make this problem go away? If I remember correctly, I didn't encounter
>> this problem when I was using PATA drives with DMA enabled.

> How much RAM do you have?  Your disk cache could be getting flushed
> or RAM pushed to swap, thus requiring "stuff" to be re-read from disk.

About 900 MB (1 GB RAM with some MB's alloted to
the onboard graphics). Should be good, right?

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