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Re: CLI Image viewer: top left, no resize.

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 19:11:40 +0200, Andrei Popescu in gmane.linux.debian.user wrote:

> On Sun,30.Nov.08, 10:35:08, S.D.Allen wrote:

>> Got it. Still doesn't show zgv for me; I tried subsituting my local mirror
>> as well (using last stanza, as I'm on Lenny).
> Could you please show your sources.list and the output of=20


> apt-cache policy

~# apt-cache policy
Package files:
 100 	/var/lib/dpkg/status
      	release a=now
 500 	http://ftp.ca.debian.org lenny/main Packages
        release o=Debian,a=testing,l=Debian,c=main
    	origin ftp.ca.debian.org
 500	http://security.debian.org lenny/updates/main Packages
	release v=None,o=Debian,a=testing,l=Debian-Security,c=main
	origin security.debian.org
	Pinned packages:

> apt-cache policy zgv

:~# apt-cache policy zgv
  	Installed: (none)
  	Candidate: (none)
  	Version table:

> Regards,
> Andrei
> P.S. I assume you did run an 'update' after you changed your=20
> sources.list


Thanks for the heads up about apt-cache. I didn't realize I had it installed.

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