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Re: No 3D acceleration for Radeon X1250 (RS690)?

On 2008/12/1, Kelly wrote:


> I am using Sid's Radeon (not HD) 6.9.0+git20081012.c0e6cb6d-1
> with Xorg 7.4 and Mesa 7.2.  I have been using Radeon for a while,
> I think since at least Radeon 6.9.0, Mesa 7.0 and Xorg 7.3.
> Some relevant bits from my xorg.conf (I temporarily
> have a different card, but I did not change anything
> besides the Identifier):
> Section "Device"
>     Identifier  "ATI RV350 AR [Radeon 9600]"
>     Driver      "radeon"
>     Option      "AGPmode"           "4"
>     Option      "AccelMethod"       "EXA"
>     Option      "AccelDFS"          "true"
>     Option      "RenderAccel"       "true"
>     Option      "DRI"               "true"
> EndSection

Well, another computer is running an X550 PCI-E (RV370) fine with or without
an xorg.conf. I can get my hands on another cheap Radeon PCI-E graphics
card, but it seems a shame to let the onboard graphics just sit around doing
nothing, besides the obvious increased energy consumption of having an
add-on card installed.

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