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Re: Upgrading hplip

On Friday 2008 November 28 03:49, Alex Samad wrote:
> > Using the aptitude CUI, I open up the hplip package info, highlight the
> > 2.8.6.b-1 version, and press '+'.  This results in some breakage and a
> > suggestion.  The first suggestion involves removing hplip; I reject that
> > action for hplip and request another suggestsion.  This suggestion
> > involves keeping hplip at version 1.6.10-3etch1; I reject that action for
> > hplip and request another suggestion.  Aptitute begins "thinking" and
> > continues until all my RAM and swap are consumed and the kernel kills
> > aptitude.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> instead of using the auto solver, have a look at the broken packages
> just after you have selected the package from testing use 'b'.  It might
> want to upgrade some other packages like python which will not
> automatically update.

Tried that a few times last night as well.  I was never able to fix all the 
broken packages -- and each time I thought it was "enough" and asked the 
auto-solver to have a go, so solutions came out.

I guess I'll use that technique some more and possibly update to the 
auto-solver from testing.  I know aptitude (and it's deps) are one of the 
first things to upgrade when moving from oldstable to newstable, so maybe it 
would help with the large number of post-stable packages that the dep solver 
has to deal with.
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