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Re: Xorg not starting fully on Thinkpad T21

Richard Möhn wrote:
But now to the problem:
As far as I remember, I wrote in my graphics settings, that the card
has to get a fixed size of RAM instead of doing that automatically. In
addition I changed the driver from "savage" to "vesa" to get rid of
the fancy cursor.

You don't remember how much ram it wants, do you? Or is it mostly
immaterial so long as it is defined in xorg.conf?
Using the vesa driver did seem to make the booting more reliable, but it
also restricted me to uncomfortably low resolutions.

I have just found the thinkwiki page
(http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/S3_Savage_IX8) on this adaptor. Not
entirely sure why I didn't before, though it doesn't seem to cover my
problem, or mention how much memory it wants.

Avi Greenbury :) http://aviswebsite.co.uk


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