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Re: Sound But No Sound - Finally Puzzled It Out

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 06:07:33PM +0100, Jonathan Kaye wrote:
> Thomas H. George wrote:
> > Sound: alsaplayer plays cd's & totem plays videos.  alsamixer adjusts
> > volume.
> > 
> > No Sound: Audacity has no input control - input options are determined
> > by the sound card so presumably Audacity doesn't see the sound card.
> > Neither does alsactl.  alsactl names returns nothing and alsactl card0
> > says card0 is an unknown command.  less /proc/asound/card0/id returns
> > NVidia.
> > 
> > The system is Lenny and Audacity 1.3.5-beta was installed with apt-get.
> > Since this is a beta version perhaps the problem is an Audacity bug but,
> > if so, what is alsactl's problem.
> > 
> > Any suggestins?
> > 
> > Tom
> Open audacity and look in the Preferences->Audio I/O and see which device
> Audacity is using. In my Audacity it defaults to OSS:/dev/dsp in which case
> I have to manually load the snd_pcm-oss module (using modprobe).
> Alternatively you can click on the arrows to the right of the device drop
> down menu and it may give you a choice to use your alsa device rather than

First, Audacity shows no source bar because it only sees one source,
line in.

Second, as Jonathon suggested, the proper selections must be made in
Audacity's Edit/Preferences/Audio I/O window.  This is not obvious as
when first loaded ALSA: HDA NVidia AD198x Analog (hw:0,0) is already
selected for both input and output.  This works for input but not for
output.  Other choices are offered but ultimately found ALSA: default
works for both input and output.

Third, getting this far does not guarantee either authe Alsamixer man
page is necessary.  When the correct capture channel is selected (There
are at least three) and the proper output volumes are set and not muted
you are in business.

When all this is done it works very nicely.  Having only line input is
okay for me as the line is from my stereo system which includes phono,
tape, cd, radio and tv.  Still it is annoying not to be able to capture
directly from the systems optical drive.

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