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Re: Upgrading a kernel in a remote server without fears, how

>  This is a question that probably has appeared a lot of times here but I 
> haven't found a solution.

Sounds like "I didn't bother to google but I hope I still get answers".

>  And here comes my question, is there a way to ensure that the kernel  
> will work?

Not without running it. If you have a redundant machine with the same
specs for testing, you can of course try that.

> I don't think so, but how you do this? upgrade a kernel  
> remotely? I have found the grub's fallback option, but I don't think  
> it'd solve my problem as the server started fine, the only problem there  
> were no network.

You are right, grub's fallback option only helps in case of non-booting
kernels. Don't you have a remote serial console? Even my virtual server
for $30 a month offers that.

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