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Re: SATA CD/DVD recording fails on Etch - MSI K8MM-V

On 11/18/08 17:23, KEBRA wrote:
Hi everybody, after trying for a couple of weeks, I decided to ask you about this. The installer recognizes perfectly (I guess) all drives and the installation works fine, no errors, everything ok. I can read perfectly any CD or DVD, but when I try to record, kaput. The records process starts ok, but somwhere in the middle it crashes and K3b shows me the error once the recording is done, and I end up whit

What error?  That's an important bit of information?

corrupted files.
The recording speed is also very slow.

Is DMA activated on that device?

I've been searching the web and found a driver on viaarena.com but it doesn't work with my kernel.

The chipset is VIA K8M800-CE + VT8237R.

Anything appear in /var/log/syslog while you are trying to burn?

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