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Re: Here's something interesting... (was Re: Q: List Policy)

On Tuesday 18 November 2008, "S.D.Allen" 
<SDA@deer-in-the-headlights.ca.invalid> wrote about 'Re: Here's something 
interesting... (was Re: Q: List Policy)':
>On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 01:38:36 -0600, Ron Johnson in gmane.linux.debian.user 
>> The only issue I see with it is that each line ends with a "=20" and
>> that text MUAs might not filter that part out.
>Yes I agree. It doesn't here on slrn. It would be nice if the quoted
>printable could be turned off for this list. Boyd ... 8)

Um, no.  Quoted-printable and UUENCODE are the only standard way to include 
8-bit characters in email and UUENCODE isn't MIME-compliant.

I'm fine switching my messages to text/plain vs. multipart/signed by not 
signing them or using an inline signature.  I'm not fine with not being 
able to send non-ASCII characters to the list.
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