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Re: lifelines packages for Etch or Lenny ?

Bernard skrev:
I have just installed 'Lifelines' (a genealogy software) on both desktop and laptop, one under Sarge, the other under Etch. In both cases, v 3.0.50 that was proposed. However, this version has a bug and, in the genealogical mailing list, I have been advised to install v 3.0.61 instead. This newer version is available for Lenny. Would it be a reasonable bet to try installing this from the lenny directory of packages on my Etch system, or is it safer to download a source file from the lifelines sourceforge site and build it on my system ?

The debian package in lenny seems to depend on libc6 version >= 2.6 (see <http://packages.debian.org/lenny/lifelines>), whereas etch has glibc version 2.3.6 (<http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/glibc.html>).

I do not think the lenny package will install on etch without a glibc upgrade. I do not know how to override it or rebuild for a different glibc version.

If you can do that, using debian packages will probably make uninstallation and future upgrades easier. Otherwise, I believe installing from the lifelines homepage is the next option.

However, as sarge is old (no security support since february, I believe), and lenny is frozen for release, and thus I think is quite reliable, I would suggest that you consider upgrading our systems to lenny entirely.

/ johan

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