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imapfilter and timezones


just to be curious, how does IMAP --- in particular imapfilter ---
deal with timezones? For example:

C (3): 1003 SELECT "SPAM"
S (3): 1003 OK [READ-WRITE] SELECT completed
C (3): 1004 UID SEARCH ALL BEFORE 12-Nov-2008
S (3): 1004 OK SEARCH completed
C (3): 1005 UID STORE 9:50 +FLAGS.SILENT (\Deleted)
S (3): 1005 OK STORE completed
C (3): 1006 EXPUNGE
S (3): 1006 OK EXPUNGE completed

Is "12-Nov-2008" based on the local time on the computer running
imapfilter or based on the time on the IMAP server (whose time is
seven hours forward from the local time in this case).

How is an IMAP server supposed to figure out the age of a mail? It
can't go by the Date: fields in the headers.

Of course, any of this doesn't matter for expunging the spam folder,
but it could matter for other things.

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