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Re: Canadian Walmart Photo Centre Problems?

On Friday 14 November 2008, "S.D.Allen" 
<SDA@deer-in-the-headlights.ca.invalid> wrote about 'Re: Canadian Walmart 
Photo Centre Problems?':
>I would imagine you're in the minority or running older hardware ? Most
>people running a desktop environment want bleeding edge GUI IME.

It's not older hardware (or at least, not what I'd consider older).  The 
laptop is one of the first run of Dell laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed.  
1505n, IIRC.  The desktop is 3 years young, 2x Operton 275, 4GB RAM, 
NVidia 7800 GTX (used to be 2 in SLI).

That said, I do seem to be in a minority, around here.  But, the other 
users in the house seem to fight with their systems much more, which I 
blame on non-stable software, be it Sid, random backports to the latest 
Ubuntu, or software installed outside of the package manager.
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