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Re: Phone App

On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 21:43:51 -0600
lee <lee@yun.yagibdah.de> wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 20:42:23 +0200
> David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> wrote:
> > I need a little app that will let me dial out and answer the phone
> > using a voice/speakerphone modem to a normal (Luddite) telephone
> > line. What I have found seems to be either dialers (minicom works)
> > and voicemail/answering- machine programs (vgetty, tkvoice, ivm). I
> > voicemail with have that with the phone company. I simply want to be
> > able to use my headset as a normal, old- fashioned talk and listen
> > telephone.
> Well, either you want to use your phone line and phone for phoning or
> your internet connection, a headset and your computer. For the latter,
> check out ekiga and the like.
> You can dial phone numbers with a modem, then pick up the phone and
> have the modem hang up to take over (check out minicom and the
> documentation of your modem), depending on how your phone and modem are
> connected. If you want to use a headset, you should be able to get one
> for phoning that connects to your phone (line).
> Other than that, you should be able to connect a soundcard to the phone
> line, and maybe it's possible to use a headset on a second soundcard
> and some software that transfers the sound from one card to the other.
> If you have tone dialing, you could record the tone the phone produces
> for each number and play these soundfiles in the appropriate order on
> the soundcard that is connected to the phone line to dial. That would
> be an interesting way to do it ... :)

Asterisk?  It may be overkill, but from the little I know of it (I've
never actually used it), it can almost certainly do what the OP wants,
although IIUC, he'll need special hardware to connect to the POTS.

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